Proprietary Investment Strategies


J. Lyons Capital is committed to creating customized investment plans for our clients. These plans are specifically designed for today’s rapidly changing economic environment.

Cyclical analysis is core to the growth strategies offered at J. Lyons Capital. Through extensive analysis of 90 years of market data, we have found markets tend to move in cyclical patterns. These patterns reflect repeatable emotional behavior tied to confidence and fear that occur in the market within consistent timeframes. Aligning our investments to the direction of the cycle, gives us the potential to grow and manage risk in all types of market conditions.

This “all weather” approach is one of multiple proprietary strategies we offer exclusively to our clients at J. Lyons Capital.

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Financial Planning


Efficient Wealth Creation

Wealth creation has many layers, including but not limited to: your utilization of debt, the income you earn, and the way in which you invest your savings. The financial planning process plays an important role, however J. Lyons Capital differentiates itself by our knowledge and focus on investing your money. We utilize proprietary, forward-thinking growth & risk management strategies and combine this with long-standing investment principles.


We understand today’s retiree faces one of the lowest interest rate environments in history. This is great if you are borrowing money, but not if you are relying on your wealth to produce you an income in retirement. Because of this, many investors have decided to “reach for yield” by investing in riskier income producing assets. At J. Lyons Capital, we look to alternative and customized income strategies that balance income generation with risk management.

Wealth Transfer

For some, wealth transfer and estate planning are critical components in the financial planning process. Whether you are looking to pass assets to the next generation or have a charitable intent, J. Lyons Capital is focused on helping you meet these needs in the most tax efficient manner possible. Often times, we partner with the right team to maximize our client’s wealth transfer initiatives.

Client Service

Lyons Capital is a boutique financial services firm. We are committed to keeping a limited number of clients in order to provide truly personalized service. We will customize a service schedule that fits your wants, caters to your needs, and we will always provide a prompt response to any question you may have. We aim to make your financial life easier.

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