Welcome to J. Lyons Capital!

Jeremy Lyons, the founder of J. Lyons Capital, created this firm with a specific vision that is custom fit to changing economic environments. This firm’s purpose is to understand, educate, and provide strategies around the unique issues our economy currently faces and will face in the coming decades.

We believe opportunity springs from knowledge. We understand the current market environment and intend to be well positioned for what lies ahead. J. Lyons Capital is focused on our client’s need to sustain and grow their wealth through changing market conditions.

You will hear us say:

“Change should not be feared. Some of the greatest opportunities are found during times of significant change.”

“Identifying and preparing for risk will be the most important aspect to wealth creation over the coming decades.”

“The landscape of money and investing has changed…how you assess investment strategies also needs to change.”

Proprietary Investment Strategies

As an independent investment advisory office, we have access to an array of investment strategies. What makes us different is our innovative, proprietary strategies offered exclusively to our clients.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning plays a foundational role in managing wealth over your lifetime. We provide insight in regards to the three phases of a client’s financial life: wealth creation, income, and wealth transfer.

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Client Service

As a boutique financial services firm, we offer personalized service customized to our client’s needs.  We maintain a small client base and focus on providing precise value to our clients.

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